Monday, December 29, 2008

Newest Treasure Coming on Down in the Mail

I received in the mail today from Rich Fields of The Price Is Right an autographed black and white photo signed and personalized as well as inscribed with "AARON NAGY 'COME ON DOWN' "
Rich also did an audio liner for my radio show. Thank you so much Rich. What made it more amazing is he did it out of the kindness of his heart, did not charge me for the liner. This autograph will have a special place in my heart.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Newsworthy stuff in the mail today.

I recieved in the mail today, an autograph picture of Peter Mansbridge. I was so excited. Now I have the rivals Lloyd and Peter. Right on!! More updates to come, as I get more. have a good day!cheers A.N

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My collection of In person Autographs as of now.

This is just my autograph picture collection. These are autographs I am luck to get thanks to my career in radio. I will also tell you a little story about the autograph to make it more personal lol. These pictures are in no peticular order as to how i like them.

Aaron Pritchett- I got this picture when he was at the casino. Had the honor of talking to him for a while and kicked back and had a couple of brewskies with him. He wrote on the picture
To: Aaron the best dj from coast to coast thanks for the spins. then signed it. Talk about giving me a radio ego haha.

Stephen Harper: Yes the number one man in the country as of this time. I recieved this one and it has a letter from his aid as well to verify that is authentic. Just needed it for if i ever decided to sell it. Yah like thats going to happen me sell my autographs haha. not bloody likely.

The Bellamy Brothers: This was a great experience, I had the privalage of bringing them on stage at the casino. I also before the concert went on their tour bus and chatted it up with the country legends and had a good time. I also got to watch their concert and man did i sing let your love flown and red neck girl. It was not pretty. Did you know that Neil Diamond wrote the song that made the Bellamy Brothers famous? Thats right he wrote let your love flow.

Jo-El Sonnier-This was a great experience. He came to the casino along with Donny Parenteau. I used to play Jo-El Sonnier when I was working at Gx94.I had a nice chat with him and his wife. Great people is all I can say. He also gave me his new cd after the show.

Willie Mack- This guy is a brillant song writer and was a nice guy. I met him again at the casino. He writes songs in country music. He may be an american but he is going to have a huge impact on country music up here in Canada.

Donny Parenteau-Donny is an awesome guy. He and his wife are expecting their first born. I will have to find out on facebook if he and his wife are proud parents yet. I still keep in touch with Donny. He is singer and fiddler and an amazing talent and all around nice guy.

Aaron Lines- Aaron is a huge name in country music here in Canada. Bet you will never guess where i met him. Did you say the casino? Man your good.I seen him in concert got this picture a tshirt and cd. He also gave me a couple of liners. We sat after the concert just kicked back and talked for about an hour. He is very down to earth. and a class act.

Duane Steele: I always heard Duane's music back in the day when I worked at the mighty Gx94. I enjoyed his music and never thought i would get to meet him. But suprize suprize he came to the casino. I talked with him after the concer and he gave me the pic and signed it. We chatted for a while. And keep in touch on face book. Man i love face book.

Jamie Warren- Jamie Warren came to the casino with Duane back in the along with Willie Mack. I talked with him after the concert as well. He gave me his pic autographed. I love being in radio is all i can say, is the people in the Canadian music industry are actually very nice. And sure are nice to us radio djs.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall-Brad I can say is an all around nice guy. Huge Rider fan. Like me.I first met Brad at a playoff game in Regina. I was down in the Green and White lounge thanks to John Lynch. I had a few beers with Brad. This was shortly after after he won the election and shortly before we won the grey cup in 2007. I emailed him, a year later to touch base with him and ask for an autograph picture and he sent it. He also wrote me a nice letter.

Emerson Drive: I have two autograph pictures from them one black and white and the other is in color. I met them through a mutal friend. My friend Shane Yellowbird who was performing with them on a Canadian tour. I was working at CKDM at the time. I took an approach to go down an bring Shane on stage cuz he was my friend and thought what the heck maybe i could do it. I was able too. Had a few beers with them and pigged out on food and got to know them. Must admit great bunch of dudes. To bad about Patrick passing on not to long after.

Keith Hampshire- This man is an all around class act. I loved his music as a kid. Never thought i would actually keep in touch with him. I talk to him on facebook. He sent me a 8x10 and his cd autographed. So I am so happy about that. I love his music. So we now keep in touch on facebook.

Randy Bachman- This was an intresting experience the man came to Yorkton back in the day to the fair. He had a great show and he is an awesome guy. Very down to earth, and has an amazing talent. I do not mind his music at all.

Shane Yellowbird- Shane I can gladly say is a good friend. He is now living in Nashville. He is a great young man and his music is doing well here in Canada. I hope he does well down in the states. I first met him when I was working at GX. I gave him a tour around the station and went to his concert. Then again we hung out in Brandon when he was there and when he comes back to Yorkton we hang out. Nice guy, hope he does really well.

Michelle Wright- This lady has been in the music industry for years. She came up to the station and did an interview. She gave an autograph picture to the station. I wanted one for me and she was nice enought to give me one. and it says love awww i feel so special. Lol.

Orleans-The band who brought us still the one and dance with me, as well as dancing in the moonlight, great bunch of guys. I love their music. I did an interview with one of their members. and Larry sent me their dvd and the picture autographed and a couple of cds.

State of Shock- I met these guys when they were in concert here in Yorkton. Sat and visited with them after the concert. Another advantage of being in radio.These guys are having a lot of success. Their hit at the time was money honey, now its best i ever had. Great group :).

Gordon Lightfoot-This I have to say is one of the most amazing autographs I have. It is not a promo sheet its an actual 8x10 and it also has the ticket fromt he show and Gordon lightfoot guest pass. I had the privalage of meeting him when I was working at Cfar up north in Flin Flon. I had the honor of interviewing him on my show. Best interivew I have had the oppurtunity to date. After the concert we hung out and chatted and talked for a while and he got me lunch., which is awesome.

Pamela Pachal- You may not have heard of this young lady but she will do well. She Is a lady i went to school with and she now a singer. She is on tour in the states. So that is awesome. I interviewed her in studio as well. And she was nice enough to give me another for the collection.

Karen Kay-This lady is a Romance authour. I had the privalage of interwing her thanks to a publication assistant out of California. It was a super interiview she told me about her books and everything. She even sent me an autographed picture and a book of hers. She is a great lady.

Bowling for Soup: I met these guys back in high school. They were in concert in town. They also were also very nice to come to the high school I remember they were down to earth. And very nice guys. I think they deserve alot of seuccess.

Wendel Clark. I got this one back in 01. When the blades retired his number. It was Nov.26th if i remember correctly. Did not get to talk to him that much. There was a huge line up. But apperently dad played slow pitcha against him back in the day.

Marc Garneau-Former astronaut and nice guy now politician Marc Garneau. I have always look up to him. I talked to him and This he is awesome. I am so honored to have a picture of some one i looked up to in life. Good luck in politics bud.

Martin Page-This was an interview that I never thought i would get the oppurtunity talk to never mind get autographs. I interviewed him and it was an amazing interivew. He is an amazing telent. He wrote some songs you may know like we built this city on rock and roll that was made famous by Starship. Another of his famous songs Is These Dreams made famous by Heart. His song when he sang that was his big one was In the house of stone and light. He is an awesoem guy. His agent Diane was an awesome lady too.

Former Prime Minster of Canada- Paul Martin- This was when i talked to him at his office in ottawa. I talked to him for a bit and then asked for an autograph picture for my collection. His assistant then sent me it in the mail. Paul was a nice guy. Even if he is Liberal haha. To be honest I have no preference of who i like.

Lloyd Robertson- See above

Drew Carey and RIch Fields- I got that through Rich Fields I got some liners from Rich Fields and they will make an appearance on my show shortly.The liners not the actual guys. I will try to get Rich on the show. He seems very approachable so it just may happen.

Foster Martin Band_ Met these guys at the casino as well. Great group of guys. Had a few beers with them. I also talkled with them and got to know them. I really like talking with them> Its awesome to get this program from them.

THis is just my pictures as of Mid December of 2008. Keep it tuned when i get more i will update it. Cheers A.N ps also will update my autograph book collection next. Might be a week yet.

Couple Autographs in The mail today.

I had the privalage of talking to Lloyd Robertson of CTV news on the phone a while back at work when the meteor went across the prarie sky. I asked him for an autograph he told me to email him and he would send one out. Sure to his word he did. It says to Aaron best wishes and nice to chat with you Lloyd. It was aweome. I also recieved an pre print auto in the mail from Norah Jones. That came thanks to an email request.